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Why is the story so important?

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Storytelling in marketing is becoming extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and business startups.

Our story forms part of our business legacy and our personal brand. Storytelling in marketing is a technique that many entrepreneurs and start up business owners are yet to master. A compelling and genuine story will entice people. It is a great way to grab your audience attention and get them interested in what you have to offer. It often answers the ‘Why are we doing this? and unearths the drive, passion and core beliefs.

I don’t think we should ever lose sight of the features and benefits of our products and services when communicating our story.  These create a desire and result in action and ultimately a profit.

This week, I ran a social media course. I focussed on the social media strategy rather than the techniques to set up a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. I find that many people often hit a brick wall when it comes to thinking about what content to share. This is another reason why I believe your story is essential. The constant repetition of the story will reinforce the personal brand. Social Media will then become a place where we can communicate our beliefs, build a temple and re-create an experience. Plus we are less likely to use social media as a platform to spam our followers with online sales pitches.

We can invite clients to our exclusive online circle and reward them for their loyalty and engagement with preferential bookings, loyalty discounts and sales previews. I strongly believe social media is far more effective when we invest in building relationships and take an integrated marketing approach. It may take more effort and time but it is sure to deliver results.

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