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Creative Project Makers

We are introducing a series of creative masterclasses to build on your project management skills.  The workshops will provide an opportunity to delve into the makings of a successful project. Each session is designed for Creatives who are working to short time-frames, often with limited resources and on multiple priorities. They’re also great for Creatives delivering work in the community and looking to engage the sometimes hard to reach audience.

Creative Project Makers: Social Media Works

This workshop focusses on Social Media Marketing and how you can best apply the various tools throughout the lifecycle of your project. It can be used to help build connections with your audience and to understand their needs, and interests. You will look at how the split-test method can be used when piloting an idea and testing the feasibility of a new project. Having a great project on the horizon and failing to engage your audience or beneficiaries to fully participate can be a major pitfall of your project. This workshop will focus on planning a social media campaign to deliver specific results.


Project Budgeting and the Funding Mix

Calling all Creative Freelancers! Are you looking to realise your vision and make it happen?  Running a project without fully understanding the extent of the costs involved will have massive implications on your project’s success. It also causes potential investors and grant providers to question the viability of your project. So this workshop will help you prepare a project budget. Whether you decide to write grant applications, approach philanthropists, build partnerships and collaborations, opt for crowd-funding or create a ‘funding mix’ you will have an opportunity to explore various income streams and boost your chances of success.


Creative Marketing and Community Engagement

During this workshop we will be looking at engaging those hard to reach audiences, providing you with a range of skills to communicate the key benefits of your work and projects. You will look at the psychology behind copywriting and storytelling and discover creative ways to attract new audience.  With a range of marketing tools at your disposal, which is now frequently overlooked with social media, you’ll explore the marketing mix and devise an effective marketing plan on a shoe-string budget. Another great workshop for those strapped for time and searching for the nuts and bolts of creative marketing.


Tracking, Monitoring and Measuring Impact

Project evaluation and impact measurement is a vital aspect of project management. It is more than a tick box exercise and bring a wealth of benefits to build your brand and help grow your business.  Your work is most likely having an amazing impact on your audience and beneficiaries. It may have the potential to awaken the hearts and minds of key stakeholders and bring more investment, partnerships and opportunities. All of this could be loss if you are focussed solely on delivery and not planning to measure your project’s success.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  1. Track and monitor project progress
  2. Evaluate your projects performance
  3. Measure project impact
  4. Establish next steps and potentially build a legacy


These workshops are priced at just £55 – New dates coming soon…


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