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Crafty Business Training

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We are pleased to present our Crafty Business Training Programme. This six week programme combines creative and business workshops providing the skills and knowledge to kick start your new business.

With just six simple steps, ongoing support and a glossy hand book we will help set the right foundation and get you on track to business start-up success.

Step One – Defining your Business Goals

Step Two – Money Talks: Budgeting and Pricing

Step Three – Creative Marketing and Branding

Step Four – Making a Sale and Selling Techniques

Step Five – Social Media and the Online Marketplace

Step Six – Making it Happen

Crafty Business

Craft Workshops

BrochureOur weekly craft and creative workshops include; Nail Art and Beauty, Crochet and Knitting, Face Painting, Cupcake Decorating and Jewellery Making.

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