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3 things to avoid on your Facebook page

  Here are 3 things you should avoid doing on your Facebook Business Page. I’m assuming you have completed your profile, branded your Facebook Page with an Avatar, Logo and added some personality. Resist the temptation to Sell! Sell! Sell! The same principles of other social media platforms apply to Facebook. Avoid ‘buy now’ tactics. It should be 80% content …

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Should I set up a Facebook Page?

I was recently asked this question at a Social Media workshop. Here is why I think it is good practice to set up a Facebook Page.   Facebook Profile  v. Fan Page? A Personal Facebook Profile is ideal for those wanting to communicate with their friends. I have found that my online friends are more interested in what I cooked …

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Why is the story so important?

Storytelling in marketing is becoming extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and business startups. Our story forms part of our business legacy and our personal brand. Storytelling in marketing is a technique that many entrepreneurs and start up business owners are yet to master. A compelling and genuine story will entice people. It is a great way to grab your audience attention …

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