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Should I set up a Facebook Page?

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I was recently asked this question at a Social Media workshop. Here is why I think it is good practice to set up a Facebook Page.


  1. Facebook Profile  v. Fan Page?

A Personal Facebook Profile is ideal for those wanting to communicate with their friends. I have found that my online friends are more interested in what I cooked for dinner, holiday snaps and play dates with my daughter, than my business.  I recommend the Facebook Page, it allows you to share content that relates to your business and your brand.

  1. Do you want to reach a wider audience?

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business enables you to invite a wide range of potential clients, beyond your friends, to ‘like’ and engage with your business. You can have an unlimited number of fans on your Facebook page and only 5000 connections on your profile. The key to creating a successful Facebook Page is to make your page ‘likeable’ with good content.

  1. Are you looking for ways to promote your brand?

You can create your own Facebook web address with a customise URL, making it easier for users to find your business. Visit and simply type your desired name and click ‘check availability’.  Now think about your social media strategy consider your goals, your prospective clients and brand. You should now be in a good place to post valuable content.

  1. Would you like to boost your online client engagement?

I love this quotecontent is king, engagement is queen’. Every network has influencers and advocates. These are the people who will most likely promote your business on your behalf, usually through word of mouth. You might want to consider making your ‘business advocates’ your Facebook Editors or Page Administrators.  This allows them to post on your behalf. You can customise your Facebook Page Settings and assign different roles using the Page Roles menu.


About the author

Kemi Bamidele is the Founder and Director of Creative Training Hub, offering business management training to a range of clients and delivering community projects. Kemi holds a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Marketing and Communication. She is a social entrepreneur who combines her creative flair with business principles. If you are interested in in-house Social Media Training for your business or looking to hire a Social Media Manager, then contact Kemi on 07867 120 339.

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