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Raising Aspirations with Education Plus

Nail Art Workshop


Following our recent move to TaB Centre Plus in Enfield we have been fortunate to enhance our portfolio of work. Creative Training Hub recently piloted our Business Enterprise Course as part of their Education Plus programme. This course is aimed at young people ages 11 to 18 who are not currently in mainstream education.


Similar to our Crafty Business project, our aim is to reduce family and child poverty. Unfortunately it is young people with what is termed ‘Emotional, Behavioural, Social, Disorders’ (EBSD) that are most at risk of not completing their education and obtaining any qualifications at the age of 16. This perpetuates the cycle of family and child poverty.


We simply cannot deny the impact that social deprivation and family poverty has on a pupil’s educational attainment. As a School Governor, Kemi Bamidele Director of Creative Training Hub, has seen the impact of the bedroom tax where a family with school aged children has moved up to four times in as little as 12 months. The economic climate, social deprivation and poverty have resulted in increased stress in families, which leads to more behaviour issues in children and young people.


Creative Training Hub’s Business Enterprise Course helps students unlock their aspirations, set goals and co-design a creative business project to achieve their personal goal. One student decided she wanted to explore the ‘Beauty Business’ as a career and business option. This tailored course included practical nail art and manicure sessions, coupled with research, budgeting and marketing planning and a visit to the local nail shop. We are planning to host a Beauty Session inviting clients to receive a manicure.


The Business Enterprise Course aims to give students’ the skill and confidence to explore a range of potential business ventures and career options, whilst raising their aspirations.


Find out more about TaB Centre Education Plus and request a brochure here.



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