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How to boost your business confidence?

Confidence can be the biggest barrier in starting a new business. Seven ways to boost your business confidence?

1. Find your passion.   Ken Robinson’s book, The Element – How finding your passion changes everything, emphasises the importance of applying your energy to something you are passionate about and it makes perfect sense.

2. Look at the bigger picture.  The time and commitment it takes to get a business off the ground is so intense, that you have to look at the bigger picture.. A sustainable business is not  a get rich quick scheme.  Most of the initial work is more like a means to an end.

3. Think creatively.  Constructive criticism is so valuable and you need to be adaptable. So don’t be too set on an original idea. It’s a good practice to have a Plan B up your sleeve.

4.  Define your brand.  There is nothing new under the sun, but your brand identity will set you apart from your competitors. Spend time to define your brand.

5. Remember charity begins at home.  Whether you are looking for volunteers, funding opportunities or an angel investor, it’s good practice to start with your close networks.

6. Look, listen and innovate.  Imagine Rob Law sitting in the airport lounge watching loads of parents transporting their kids on their suitcase. He then invented the Trunki. Look for a gap, listen to the moans and groans of others and innovate.

7. Get networking.  Networking is key and it’s fun.

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