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Do we really need project management?

It’s not uncommon for non-project managers to find themselves managing projects without any formal training. Whether they are asked to organise an event or implement a new IT system, projects come with great responsibility of managing people, resources, budget all within a specific timeline. It is also important to understand the benefits of successful project management, especially if senior management is considering investing in new project management tools and professional development. 

What are the benefits of successful project management?

1. Improve efficiency.
Managing projects successfully will save you time. Learning how to make your projects a success will help with all your future projects and equip you with tools to share with your team.
2. Reduce project failure. 
Establishing a clear plan and process will enable you to work smarter and avoid the common pitfalls that could lead to project failure.
3. Boost client satisfaction.
Reaching your project goals will enhance your audience experience, leave your clients and customers satisfied – helping you to build lucrative relationships.
4. Provide a competitive edge.
Every successful project will boost your reputation and provide more opportunities for investments and partnerships.
5. Better flexibility.  
An understanding of the project management process will enable you to take more informed risks with your projects.
6. Improve productivity.  
A confident and capable team will enhance project delivery, particularly in terms of team morale and overall performance.
7. Create opportunities for growth.  
The learning that you gain from every project, whether it’s a success or failure, can be invaluable, as it may help you identify new projects. Successful projects can open up new opportunities for growth and development.
8. Increase quantity.
The more efficient and productive your project team, the more capable you become in managing complex and multiple projects.
9. Maximise resources.
Good project planning will enable you to maximise skills and budgets more effectively and potentially save you time.
10. Behavioural Change. 
To quote Cornelius Fichtner, “The P in PM is as much about ‘people management’ as it is about ‘project management’.”  I would go as far to suggest that a successful project has the power to influence others, resolve conflicts and cultivate change.
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