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3 things to avoid on your Facebook page

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Here are 3 things you should avoid doing on your Facebook Business Page. I’m assuming you have completed your profile, branded your Facebook Page with an Avatar, Logo and added some personality.

  1. Resist the temptation to Sell! Sell! Sell!

The same principles of other social media platforms apply to Facebook. Avoid ‘buy now’ tactics. It should be 80% content and 20% brand centric selling.

A picture says a thousand words and an online video says a million more. Post a variety of content and maximize those Facebook Apps including; Polls, Surveys, Email List sign up forms and Appointment Scheduling. Remember to include up to two #hashtags in your post to enhance its search potential.


  1. Avoid posting loads of content!

It is quality over quantity on Facebook and timing is everything. Use a strong headline, valuable and engaging content and a call to action. Post at peak times when your fans are most likely to be online.

Try out a couple of posts at different times of the day and on various days. You can use the Insight Tool on Facebook to find out the best times to post. I have found that my posts on Fridays at 6pm get the most views. If you are time poor and cash rich, PostPlanner claims to triple your engagement when you devote as little as 10 minutes a day and it costs around $84 per year.


  1. Don’t Fake it!

Authenticity goes a long way on Facebook. This will build your credibility and boost customer loyalty. Try using ‘storytelling’ to convey your brand and connect with your fans.

You can also boost engagement by allowing fans to post on your page. Always respond to comments on your page and private messages from your fans. Monitor your page for spam regularly, you may need to quickly delete offensive messages posted by other users.


About the author

This blog is written by Kemi Bamidele. She is the Founder and Director of Creative Training Hub, offering clients business management training and delivering community projects, such as Crafty Business. Kemi holds a CIM Diploma in Communications and Marketing. If you are interested in booking Social Media Training for your organisation or looking to hire a Social Media Manager, contact Kemi on 07867 120 339.

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