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Managing projects effectively

Whether or not you hold the official title of project manager, the chances are you will find yourself managing at least one project at work. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and understanding the fundamentals of managing a project effectively is a valuable and transferable skill. Here are 10 steps to get your project started 1 Your objectives Define the …

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Watch this space

Today I joined the live chat with Arts Council England’s Chief Executive, Alan Davey and asked the following question. 12:53 KemiB: What challenges do you think the arts will face in forming community partnerships, for example libraries and theatre companies? And what steps will ACE take to support community partnerships in the arts? I was really pleased to have my question …

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The nuts and bolts of monitoring projects

Evaluation is often considered to be the final part of a project, but in reality should be woven into a project from the very beginning.  There is a big difference between essential feedback, validation and actual evaluation. In the context of arts related projects, it can be particularly difficult to assess effectiveness of projects because it often requires measuring results …

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How on earth did I get 75 Twitter followers in 2 days?


As a small start up business, with a ‘to-do-list’ as long as my arm, I think this is quite a big achievement.  I know for those of you who get 1000s of Twitter followers in a day, this is tiny. I’m aiming for quality not quantity, as I want to build valuable relationships with my followers who share a mutual …

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Supporting arts administrators

This week the Arts Council England announced The Clore Leadership Programme as the national delivery partner for their £1.8 million Developing resilient leadership programme. Supporting cultural leaders to develop their leadership skills and work collaboratively. While this is great news, it raises a number of questions concerning the steps that arts organisations are taking to support entry level arts professionals, …

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Retaining talent

It’s a New Year and most people will plan to make life changes, particularly relating to their work and career. While you may not expect employees to move jobs in this current economy, staff retention is a challenge all companies face at this time of year. In fact, it is believed that employers are holding on to skilled staff more now than …

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