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How to boost your business confidence?

Confidence can be the biggest barrier in starting a new business. Seven ways to boost your business confidence? 1. Find your passion.   Ken Robinson’s book, The Element – How finding your passion changes everything, emphasises the importance of applying your energy to something you are passionate about and it makes perfect sense. 2. Look at the bigger picture.  The time and commitment …

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Staying one step ahead

A good employer will invest in their employees by offering them the relevant training they require in order to do their job. Even the most altruistic of employers however, are unlikely to offer the full support an employee needs to bring them to the next level of their career. It’s important therefore that we take responsibility for our own professional …

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How can we inspire others with our online brand?

Here are five key tips to inspire others with your online brand and build lasting relationships. 1.      Create useful content – This will connect your business with your brand and enable you to build loyal relationships. 2.      Open up – It may seem risky, but you must be open if you want to connect and engage with your online network. 3.     Think …

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